Konečné hodnocení KV KABT 6.7.2019 Zbraslav u Rosic - anglický text

Lešanská 1176/2a
Chodov, Praha 4


KABT 6.7.2019

On behalf of Danny and myself I would like to thank the Committee for all their hospitality and kindness shown to us, including our hard working stewards. Also we would like to thank the exhibitors for their great sportsmanship.

My main winners in Bull Terriers were:-

Rebelside I feel Good (Satyricon Gold Digger x Rebelside Silver Moon) – A top class white with a beautiful head, being completely filled and turned. He has a good reach of neck, leading into well placed shoulders. Straight front and compact body. Moved fairly well. CAJC, BOB & BIS

Rebelside Chili Gormol (Teirwgwyn Double Trouble x Rebelside Love Me Again) Handsome white with red head marking. Powerful head. Straight front and well made all through with strong quarters. Moved well in front but a little close behind. WINNER MALE

Boatenga Hooligan’s Bull (Fortifeyed with Beauty at Aricon x Volta Buteo) - Beautiful white bitch with lovely filled and turned head. Wicked eye. Super bodylines and moved well both ways. Best Mover. CAJC

Kondibul Lotti (Lucky Luke Knights of Darkness x Polett Kondbull) Super white bitch. Her head is filled right up and has good profile and turn down. Straight front, well rounded body and strong quarters. Moved well in front but close behind. BOS, Best Head in Show.

Rasels Bull Fiona At Amikanto (Rasels bull Templar x Rasels bull Power of Love) - 7 month old white bitch. Strong Head, wicked eye. Good Bone and compact body. Moved fairly well. Best Puppy.

Linda McGregor

Miniature Bull Terriers:-

Farrell Z Husitove Kraje (Busy Being Fabulous Bullcreeks x Enigmaz Husitova Kraje) - Good sized red/white with well filled head and good expression. Straight front, short back and well balanced all through. Best Male and BOB

Excelence Esterka Indygou (Shooter von der Alten Veste x EmeritaBull Kennel) – Black brindle and white. Good for size. Strong powerful head. Straight front. Strong round shapely body. Good quarters and moved well. Best Female and BOS

Danny McGregor.